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Elevator daily Maintenance

* During our guarantee period, we will send our maintenance speccialists to maintain the elevator on site. The maintenance cycle will be controlled on th monthly basic. Our maintenance specialist will submit an elevator maintenace report every three moths tour clients, We will fully follow client arrangements if special requirements for maintenance schedule are asked. Should any problem occur during the guarantee period our company speccialist will solve them within 24 hour from the moment of notification. Before the due of quality guarantee, we will thoroughly inspect and test the elevator free of charge for our clients and resolve and existing problem if any. During our guarantee, client can contact us our 24 hour hotline.
* Sign the maintenance and repair contract with clients.
* After sign the contract with our client, we will sent our specialist to repair and maintain on site, on a regular basic of every 30 days, we respect our clients rangements if special requirement is term of repair and maintenace schedule. Our clients can our 24 our hotline for emergency servise. We provide a through inspection annually free of charge, and will repair the elevator at all most favorable price if needed.